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Dr John McDougall: He was the Yoda of the plant-based movement

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He was one of the first plant-based advocates I came across when Christine and I began our nutrition journey. John’s book, The Healthiest Diet On The Planet was my first purchase, a book I gave away to support someone.

Without the likes of Dr John McDougall and others, I would have, by now, been severely burdened, crippled or long forgotten.

The power of nutrition medicine over conventional treatments for chronic diseases is very significant. Dismissing this is a sad reflection of our education.

His lived experience showed a rare combination of wisdom and intelligence. Thank you for applying your wisdom to humanity.

The words of Rip Esselsty as posted on Instagram…

“I, like most of you, am completely shell-shocked that the larger-than-life giant, Dr John McDougall, has died. He was one of my great heroes in life. He was fearless, he was courageous, he was a truth seeker, he was so bloody intense, he was compassionate, and he was committed to spreading the good word about the benefits of whole food, plant-based nutrition or as he liked to say, “starchivore” until the end. And that torch that he lit will continue to burn brightly and be carried by his family, by Mary, and all those who loved him and cherished his message: 

Here are several quotes from Dr. John McDougall I love:

1. People love to hear good news about their bad habits.

2. The dairy protein casein is the most significant carcinogen we consume.” (promotes breast, prostate, uterine, endometrial, ovarian and other cancers)

3. The fat you eat is the fat you wear.

4. Heart disease is a foodborne illness. It does not occur in populations who eat predominantly plant-based diets.

5. By eating the right foods, you not only prevent disease, you can cure disease.

6. People think they are free when they are on a Western diet, but they are slaves to their cravings.

7. The joy of living comes from surrounding ourselves with people we love, and living in a way that promotes our health.

8. We are all creatures of habit. We can change our habits, but it requires effort and determination.

9. If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?

10. Health is not something you need to find; it’s something you already have if you don’t disturb it.

11. The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.

12. It’s not the food in your life, but the life in your food that counts.

13. “Genetics may load the gun, but it’s lifestyle that pulls the trigger.

14. If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.

15. It’s the food. It’s the food. It’s the food.

John truly was the Yoda of the plant-based movement. He may be gone but his work and words will live on. And he will never, ever be forgotten. I love you, John McDougall.

Ralph Koelmeyer
Ralph Koelmeyer
Dr Ralph Koelmeyer is a retired Melbourne GP. He is one of the few health professionals worldwide who can personally attest to the value of whole plant food nutrition of which he has become an enthusiastic student. He holds a Certificate of Nutrition from eCornell University, a prescribing nutrition certificate, and is a regular attender of medical conferences.

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