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Whole food prescription offers broad benefits

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Any shift in your choices towards whole plant foods will provide health benefits in chronic disease improvements. The dramatic changes in disease halting, reversing or disowning we have demonstrated are the result of two commitments. One, eliminate all animal-based, processed, and fast foods and two, consume only whole plant foods.

The savings you will achieve from the health burdens, stresses, anxieties, consultations, investigations, medications, procedures, loss of quality of life, time and money is considerable.

It’s clear that I had inherited a bad selection of genes. Add to that seventy years of a diet that included daily cod liver oil as a child, growing through adolescence with eggs, clarified butter known as ghee in food preparations, cow’s milk, curried chicken, ice creams, coupled with inherited genes, produced a disease environment which began in my childhood and emerged after my 53rd birthday.

Prior to changing my food lifestyle, meals largely consisted of meats, poultry, eggs, dairy, white rice and vegetables.

Our WFPB prescription

(Dated 1st November 2018, with no expiry date.)

We consume only whole-plant foods consisting of vegetables, whole grains, beans, lentils, peas, dark leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables, mushrooms, onions, nuts and seeds, and a whole selection of fresh or dry spices, condiments, fresh fruits and berries occupies our plates. We use minimally processed plant foods such as whole meal breads, pasters and rolled oats.

These foods have no cholesterol, abundant fibre and healthy fats, healthy proteins, healthy carbohydrates and phytonutrients, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. We aim for 30 different varieties of whole plant per week to achieve the best of human nutrition in 2000 calories of energy per day. Our main beverages are water and green or black teas. We add Vitamin B12 and D as the only supplements.

We avoid all meats, processed meats, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy, and oils in food preparation and as dressings, and processed and fast foods, including sugar, energy and alcoholic beverages.

These are loaded with cholesterol, disease-promoting proteins, saturated fat, trans fats, refined carbohydrates including toxic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, viruses, bacteria, industrial-supplied antibiotics, growth hormones, preservatives, food colouring and emulsifiers.

In contrast to plant food, animal foods have no phytonutrients and no fiber or little or no anti-oxidants.

The most disturbing is that red and processed meats have been classified as carcinogenic for bowel cancer by the WHO since 2014 but carry no government warnings (like tobacco and asbestos), benefitting the meat industry risk.

The magic is how a simple dietary change has overcome a strong genetic tendency and 70 years of chronic food toxicity. We were astonished when our chronic diseases began to regress and how that occurred within days and weeks!

Despite making significant advances, I still suffer from health issues. Over 17 years of chronic diseases and medications have left me with a number of chronic disease burdens I experience every day. Damage from two heart attacks has left me with a weakened heart, limiting my exertion and risking heart failure, arrhythmia and possible strokes.

Long-term medication side effects have affected my balance, impaired my memory and gait, and caused muscle weakness. My quality of life is reduced, my physical options are limited, and my longevity may well be reduced.

Connecting with your doctor

The connection with your doctors is essential for your health and, at times, can be lifesaving. Being proactive by improving and maintaining your health with whole plant nutrition will reduce your dependence on the healthcare system, as we have experienced over the last four years.

All doctors now have the opportunity to instruct you and prescribe nutrition for your chronic disease. You can consult your doctor to guide you to achieve results, as we have demonstrated. At your next doctor’s visit, ask for a nutrition prescription, and they will be able to access the resource for you. Being informed yourself will make your visit more productive.

Having your doctor guide you with your medication reduction is an important part of your healing process.

Currently, we have numerous medications for each and every chronic disease. For example, type 2 diabetes has over forty different medications for the doctor to prescribe. Asthma, heart disease, arthritis and other common diseases will need two or more prescriptions each.

As 50 per cent of Australian adults suffer from two or more chronic medical conditions, medication purchases at the pharmacy become expensive. The side effects these multiple drugs can generate is an added burden to bear.

Whole food plant-based no oil dietary therapy is effective for most chronic diseases. As a guide, 80 per cent of aliments can improve 80 per cent of the time.

The effectiveness of this one therapy will depend on how strictly you comply, which disease and how far it has progressed. Some conditions are more or less responsive, depending on how strong your genetic predisposition is. The following are lists of common chronic diseases that can be halted, improved or even cured.

Prevention or reversal is your decision

Safeguard your future with healthy food choices at every meal, every day. Choosing to ignore a healthy lifestyle change, as I did in 1996, is the most significant health risk I took.

Once you receive that bad diagnosis, there may be no turning back. This reminds me of the line from Star Wars, “You are taking an awful risk, Vader”, says Grand Moff Tarkin as Luke and Princess Lia are allowed to escape the Death Star.

I survived two heart attacks, but the Death Star, with all its inhabitants, didn’t. Their “star attack” was fatal. In our population, 20 to 30 per cent of heart attacks are fatal.

I can hear myself saying, “Use the plant-based lifestyle, Luke”. If he had ignored the advice from Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Death Star would have continued with devastating effects as heart and other chronic diseases do to our communities every day. Disease prevention is a far better option than life-long symptom relief.

When I was made aware of plant-based nutrition, I was staring at the possibility of a leg amputation, heading for dialysis three times a week, possible hip fracture, and facing a third and possibly my last heart attack.

The decision to adopt a dietary change was a no-brainer: change my food choices or be reckless and leave my family and friends to grieve at my disability or death.

You may not have that sentence hanging over you, but why take the risk of that next bad diagnosis? Especially if you have a family history or are overweight or obese, which will increase your disease risk.

We have demonstrated how genetic family history burdens can be overcome. Similarly, lifestyle diseases like obesity and type 2 diabetes, which are associated with a long list of other chronic diseases, can also be overcome with effective and permanent whole-plant food dietary changes.

Changing one’s lifestyle so dramatically comes with a price, given one’s own personal situation. Once you have decided on a health journey, there are hurdles to overcome.

Many aspects of ourselves and of our society around us, will tempt us to unhealthy and toxic food choices. For example:

  • Personal desire, conforming with family and friends, food cravings, gluttony and even animal and processed food addiction.
  • Temptations and pressures from family and friends.
  • Limited healthy choices at cafés, restaurants and food retail outlets.
  • Compelling advertising from retail and the media to attract you to unhealthy choices.
  • Convenience of fast (junk) food delivered anytime, right to your door.
  • Scarcity of healthy nutrition advice and direction from governments and authorities.
  • Pharmaceutical and medical guidelines focused on maintaining chronic diseases for life.
  • The lack of effective nutrition information from your doctor for prevention and or disease reversal.

While there is community support for alcohol, tobacco, drugs and gambling addiction, there is little recognition of the widespread animal and processed food addiction. Dietary addiction is far more common than all other addictions combined.

The prevalence of weight excess, now reaching 66 per cent in Western societies, is a risk for numerous chronic diseases. Consider yourself very fortunate, as information about healthy nutrition and how to avoid the pitfalls is readily available.

Unfortunately, the marketplace will try to profit from the plant-based food trend. Their primary interest is for profit, and they have no intention to help your chronic disease.

Temptation abounds

You will be tempted and seduced by the excess of these four ingredients: salt, sugar, saturated and trans-fats, included in foods designed to increase their market share and to encourage your lifelong purchase and consumption.

The only food choice that has proven evidence is whole foods, plant-based, no oil nutrition at every meal.

That choice we made in November 2018, achieved a life with a very different future from what we were heading for. Make that happen for yourself today for a better outcome with your health.

You have the opportunity to change your future. Make it a permanent commitment for yourself and your family’s lifestyle before you get diagnosed with that next chronic disease.

From that day on, you would be advised, encouraged and feel compelled to accept permanent treatment guidelines for symptom relief, while the best prevention therapy or possible cure, healthy whole-food plant-based no oil nutrition, takes no part.

Ralph Koelmeyer
Ralph Koelmeyer
Dr Ralph Koelmeyer is a retired Melbourne GP. He is one of the few health professionals worldwide who can personally attest to the value of whole plant food nutrition of which he has become an enthusiastic student. He holds a Certificate of Nutrition from eCornell University, a prescribing nutrition certificate, and is a regular attender of medical conferences.

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