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Founders explain: Our journey into Whole Food Living and how it all began

Our first steps to healthier eating started long before we received an abrupt but final push. It wasn’t a steady, consistent or even well-informed line of thinking that pointed us this way. We started making several small changes over a long period until, finally and with one big shove, everything became abundantly clear.

Long before we took that step, however, we became concerned about certain things we saw happening to us. They were evident in the homes we lived in over the years.

The first concern involved cooking oil. We noticed and were surprised at the amount of fat deposited in the rangehood filters above the cooktop. And, although we scraped and (often, but not always) quickly rinsed dishes before placing them in the dishwasher, it was annoying that it needed cleaning so frequently. And then, there was the backsplash behind the cooktop. Fried fat deposits accumulated there, too.

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GOING CRAZY: Whole Food Living founders Peter and Catherine Barclay stop for a quick dual selfie at a recent cancer aftercare fundraising event in Karaka, South Auckland.

What is Whole Food Living?

Whole Food Living serves as a hub for collecting and disseminating information related to the health advantages of a plant-based diet, its positive effects on the environment, and the overall beneficial changes it prompts in one's lifestyle. Our mission is to keep the plant-based community and the general public up-to-date on cutting-edge research relating to this field. We provide recipes that fit the Whole Food Plant-Based (WFPB) lifestyle along with commentary, current updates, and perspectives on a wide array of plant-based topics. As a collector of such information, we curate and display content from a variety of contributors and organizations within this realm. Our goal is to expand the awareness of the huge range of products and services accessible to both our dedicated audience and the broader market.

Our Mission

To introduce and explain the benefits of whole food plant-based eating in preventing and curing a wide range of lifestyle illnesses.

Our Community

We're a community of conscious health seekers who want to improve and restore their health and the health of the planet we share.

Private, public
or nonprofit?

We are a privately owned operation that works under the "profit for purpose” business model. Owners Peter & Catherine Barclay have independent incomes and for them, Whole Food Living is very much a passion project. Of course, the intention is to develop positive income-earning streams enabling the platform to aggressively expand its message to individuals and communities across the globe. Whole Food Living therefore provides advertising, donation and rolling subscriber support opportunities to individuals and businesses looking to raise profile within the community we serve, and to the general public.

Our People

Over the years Whole Food Living has attracted a wide range of contributing writers who support the platform and the cause it represents. Our most regular writers are listed below.

Innes Hope

Multimedia Artist visual, music, written

Multi-talented writer Innes Hope presents a fresh perspective every time she fronts the keyboard, Practical and inspirational

Silva Mirovic

Writer, yoga teacher, vegan

Silva has a degree in health science and a research Masters in Gerontology. She owns and develops wethebravemag.com

Ralph Koelmeyer

Retired MD and WFPB advocate

Dr Koelmeyer is one of the few medical professionals worldwide to go WFPB for health reasons. He writes from personal experience

Diane Moura

Plantt Based Chef eCornell Certified

Diana is based in Macau, China. Has travelled extensively throughout South East Asia and writes on culture & cuisine,

Janice Carter

Lifestyle Medicine Coach

Tucked away in the most delightful bush setting Janice runs plant-based retreats. She has developed hundreds of WFPB recipes

Danielle Medina

Certified Food for Life Educator

Based in New York, Dannielle is an advocate of holistic fitness and nutrition programs for families wanting to live their best life


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