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WFL Holiday Message: Dr Martyn Williamson, compromise, fun and adventure

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New Zealand’s Dr Martyn Williamson was initially drawn to whole food plant-based eating by his wife Liz. When he reviewed the evidence, he was convinced. Dr Williamson entered the public list of NZ WFPB advocates when he became a member of a small group that met in Gisborne over five years ago.

The group’s formation was initiated by documentary film-maker Grant Dixon, who drew a range of people together. It also included Whole Food Living founders Peter and Catherine Barclay, who were no more than a few weeks into a way of eating they could see the sense of but, until then, was completely foreign to them.

Dr Williamson named the group Evidence Based Eating New Zealand. He is currently serving as its chairman and over the past few weeks, has been heavily involved in reviewing its aims and plans.

He has secured a major online meeting series with the Esselstyn Foundation which takes place over 2024. EBE is a registered charity.

Regarding the coming holiday season, he says there’s only one thing that makes it important – family.

And when it comes to eating?

“Plan ahead just like you usually do. We’re tramping this year so going for freeze-dried plant-based meals with minimal oil. Our local company, which made great food, stopped production just before we went to stock up.

“We’re having to compromise a little, so some of the meals have more additives than we would like. In the future, we will be cooking and drying our own meals. 

“And yes, a time for reflection when tramping and also a time for celebration for all the good things in the world. A time for gratitude.”

Martyn and Liz are planning a major European push bike tour in the New Year. The plan is to make 2024 “full of love, fun and adventure.”

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