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WFL Holiday Message: Dr Gemma Newman, making it special for children and friends

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Keeping close and doing things with the family is what matters most to Dr Gemma Newman at this time of year. “It’s about making the festive season special for my children,” she says.

“And I love snuggling up watching Christmas movies with them and admiring the sparkling lights on the Christmas tree. Panto is also a fab tradition for the kids, so we always book to see our local show.”

On the food front, Dr Gemma is a hunter.

“I love looking for special treats that are plant-based, which will appeal to relatives who are not plant-based. I don’t have time to make my own mince pies so I like to buy from Riverford Organic, and Greggs has some delicious vegan mince pies, too.

“To please my meat-loving relatives, I make a beef Wellington using Beyond Meat patties rolled into the shape of a Wellington with chopped-up mushrooms and lentils, and rosemary roast potatoes are a personal favourite, too!”

For her, the New Year is the time to review.

“It’s when I focus on all the blessings and challenges of the previous year, and look forward with gratitude on the lessons of the previous year. I have had an incredible year of sharing plant-based nutrition and holistic health in 2023, and I am excited for people to read ‘Get Well Stay Well‘ and feel good in their body and mind in 2024.

“I hope 2024 can be a year where we all try to walk in each other’s shoes a little bit more. I also hope for more people to know they are enough, that they are loved. Knowing this allows for more kind and loving thoughts towards other people and more generosity of spirit.”

On the book itself, she says she would like people to read it by considering it against their own life experiences, then using the practical steps provided at the end to come up with their own three-step plan.

She has created and explains an anacronym to help with this called GLOVES – gratitude, love, outside, vegetables, exercise, sleep.

Gemma has seen radical transformations in her patients, family and her own health by developing an open-minded approach to medicine. In her practice, she has come to understand that body, mind and soul are not separate and that we can truly heal only through a ‘whole body’ treatment plan.

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