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2D printed oat milk, OMG what next?

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It might sound crazy, but yes, it’s true. Oat milk is being produced using a 2d printing process originally developed in the US by McDonald’s and Starbucks but now in Germany by a Berlin-based operation under the brand Veganz.

Veganz produces a wide range of vegan-friendly products, but the oat milk product is especially interesting because it not only reduces space due to its compact size but is also significantly lighter because it contains very little liquid.

Coupled with the fact that it is produced using a process similar to industrial silk screening their product, labelled Mililk, is certainly innovative.

The result is a large flat ‘biscuit’ that can be broken up and placed in a blender with water. The product can be ordered online, and its solid nature also makes it easier to pack and transport.

Other products the company produces include smokey “sea style” slices, a lemon chocolate bar, muffins, a canned fish-type product and much more.

Check out their promotional video below:

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