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How Not to Age, Dr Michael Greger

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Uncover the science-backed strategies to slow the effects of ageing from the New York Times Bestselling Author of “How Not to Die”. In his new book, “How Not to Age,” Dr. Michael Greger, the founder of, delves into the latest peer-reviewed research on anti-aging medicine.

He reveals that diet can regulate the most promising strategies for combating the effects of ageing, proving that we already have the tools to keep ourselves feeling youthful without relying on costly pharmaceutical interventions.

Ageing is often treated as a medical condition, but Greger argues that getting older doesn’t have to mean getting sicker. He explains that there are eleven key pathways of aging in our body’s cells, and we can disrupt each of them.

Processes like autophagy, the recycling of unusable cellular waste, can be boosted by compounds found in foods like tempeh, mushrooms, and wheat germ. Senescent “zombie” cells, which contribute to inflammation and age-related diseases, can be cleared in part by consuming quercetin-rich foods such as onions, apples, and kale.

Inspired by the dietary and lifestyle patterns of centenarians and residents of “blue zone” regions, where people live the longest, Greger presents simple, accessible, and evidence-based methods to preserve the body functions that keep you feeling young, both physically and mentally.

Brimming with expertise and actionable advice, “How Not to Age” lays out practical strategies for achieving ultimate longevity.

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