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Looking back on the climate change debate

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Every now and then, it’s worth looking back. Recently we were reminded of a doco by Kiwi filmmaker Alister Barry and his piece on the climate change debate.

For those that haven’t seen ‘Hot Air’ it’s certainly worth a visit and for those that have it might be worth a recap if only for a good laugh at some of our more infamous MPs and newsmakers from days gone by.

For the young, this doco is evidence of what it took to finally end up with a Ministry for Climate Change back in 2002 and eventually the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Act 2019.

This production dates back to its release in 2015, so some of the most recent happenings aren’t present of course, but the movie is an excellent testament on the struggles it took to get to where we are now, albeit with still some distance to go!

Barry’s films reflect his longtime interest in how power is exercised in a democracy and how the decisions of the powerful impact ordinary people’s lives.

The themes raised in this film are still relevant to many of today’s struggles, like the politics around Covid-19, for instance, the ongoing battle over climate change and the looming stoush on food and health.

Check it out below.

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