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How NOT to DIET, Dr Michael Greger

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If you’re tired of the usual dieting myths and want the real facts, look no further than How Not to Diet. It’s a refreshing alternative that will help you ditch the struggles of weight loss and embrace a healthy, plant-based lifestyle. Written by the bestselling author of How Not to Die, this book offers an easy yet effective approach.

In a world where trendy diets and quick-fix solutions seem to pop up every month, it’s clear that they aren’t delivering the happiness or healthiness we desire. Obesity rates are soaring, accompanied by a multitude of diseases and health issues. We need a different strategy.

How Not to Diet unveils a wealth of buried data and cutting-edge research on nutrition. Dr. Michael Greger, a renowned nutrition expert and founder of, translates this information into accessible and actionable advice. Packed with exciting tools and tricks, this book provides everything you need to shed unwanted body fat permanently.

Dr. Greger delves into the various causes of obesity, including genetics, portion sizes, and environmental factors. He also explores the wide-ranging consequences, such as diabetes, cancer, and mental health issues. From there, he dissects different weight loss approaches, focusing on the key criteria for success. These include a high-fiber and hydrating diet, low fat, salt, and sugar intake, as well as incorporating an abundance of anti-inflammatory foods.

But How Not to Diet doesn’t stop at food. It goes further, unveiling twenty-one weight loss accelerators within our own bodies’ systems. Drawing on cutting-edge fields like chronobiology, Dr. Greger uncovers the factors that optimize our natural fat-burning capabilities. With its timeless and proactive approach, this ultimate weight-loss guide stands strong against the ever-changing dieting trends.

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