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Get Well Stay Well, Dr Gemma Newman

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Determined to help her patients, Dr Gemma Newman has studied nutrition, psychotherapy, and a wide range of holistic approaches alongside her medical practice. This book brings together everything she has learned from twenty years of clinical experience: Six essential health prescriptions distilled into simple and free, daily habits.

Dr. Newman has seen radical transformations in her patients, family, and her own health from her open-minded approach to medicine – from chronic headaches to debilitating anxiety. This is accessible, uplifting, evidence-based advice you can trust.

‘A hopeful, essential read’ – Dr Rangan Chatterjee

‘A true game changer of a book.’ – Dr Rupy Aujla

‘For anyone wanting to live longer and improve their health today.’ – Dan Buettner

Her book includes:

  • Practical exercises exploring your mind-body-emotional health connection
  • Expert help to get to the root cause of your health concerns
  • A toolkit of solutions backed by global research
  • A bespoke health plan for you – no one-size-fits-all approach
  • Food as medicine, with simple plant-based recipes

Open your mind to look after your body and give yourself the best chance of a healthy, happy life – whatever life throws at you.

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