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Stripes web site depicts pace of global warming

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Colour graphics created by climate scientist Ed Hawkins of Reading University in the UK have significantly simplified the task of understanding how the world is warming.

The origins of the graph project date back to 2016, but recently, it was upgraded with an online presentation that enables anyone to download large images that are free to use wherever you wish. Ed’s spiral graphic of our warming world was used in the opening ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympics.

New York Times weather writer Jason Samenow, described the graphic as “the most compelling global warming visualization ever made.”

Hawkins, a lead author for the IPCC 6th Assessment Report, received the Royal Society’s 2018 Kavli Medal, in part “for actively communicating climate science and its various implications with broad audiences”.

Since their release, people have found all kinds of ways to use the graphics; in one case a Tesla car was striped top to bottom, but common uses for them are on hats or T-shirts, on ties (popular with male weather presenters), on trains and more.

You can check out what your country’s stripes look like at:

Temperature changes in Australia (above) and in New Zealand since 1901.

Hero image: Sarmad Mughal

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