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Signing the plant-based treaty

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A town near you? Not in New Zealand or Australia yet. But the trend has started.

Eighteen cities worldwide (24 as of Jan 2024) have signed the Plant Based Treaty, a companion to the UNFCCC/Paris Agreement. The initiative offers individuals, businesses, community organisations, plus towns and cities a means of officially moving towards plant-based diets.

According to the treaty website, the treaty aims to “put food systems at the heart of combating the climate crisis, to halt the widespread degradation of critical ecosystems caused by animal agriculture, to promote a shift to more healthy, sustainable plant-based diets, and to actively reverse damage done to planetary functions, ecosystem services and biodiversity.”

“The Climate Crisis is no longer a distant future threat but an existential crisis that is upon us in 2022. We must act immediately. And moving to a plant-based diet is the most impactful thing any individual can do to help address the grave situation we face,” says Richard Nicholson, a Green councillor who convinced the first town in England, Haywards Heath, to endorse the Treaty.

The 38 treaty demands include transitioning to plant-based meals in schools and hospitals, no new animal farms, and subsidizing fruit and vegetables. Acting on the pledge will see citizens collectively reducing their area’s carbon and methane emissions.

Inspired? Then visit  You can click Endorse as an individual, start a Plant Based Treaty Team in your area, and invite your city to sign.

May the Force be With You! Let us know how you get on.

Innes Hope
Innes Hope
Innes Hope works in the arts, crafting thoughts into words, verses, and recipes for a better world. She stopped eating animals in the early 1970's inspired by reading the book, Diet for a Small Planet. Innes remains concerned about food justice and the climate crisis, and for her, living a plant-wholefoods lifestyle is an obvious choice - an instantly effective, delicious, resilience-empowering, and deeply rewarding way to help heal the world. Still enjoying better health and energy since discovering whole food plant-based eating over 12 years ago, she encourages others to join her on the journey.

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