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Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition

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Have you ever considered what really happens when you consume an apple? The answer is far more intricate than you might suppose.

Within each apple lies an abundance of antioxidants with names unfamiliar to most of us, apart from a few well-known ones like vitamin C. These potent chemicals have the potential to play crucial roles in supporting our health, influencing an extensive network of metabolic reactions within our bodies.

However, comprehending the specific impact of each individual chemical is not nearly enough to elucidate the overall effect of consuming an apple. Virtually every chemical has the ability to interact with countless others, resulting in an almost infinite array of potential biological consequences.

And that is simply considering the impact of an apple alone.

For years, nutritional science has been entrenched in a reductionist approach, focusing on studying one chemical at a time to determine its isolated effects on the human body. Although these studies may aid food companies in substantiating the alleged “benefits” of certain chemicals in milk or pre-packaged meals, they provide little insight into the intricate workings of our bodies or how these chemicals contribute to our overall well-being.

T. Colin Campbell, renowned for his groundbreaking work in The China Study, along with his son Thomas M. Campbell, has revolutionized our perception of food. They have presented compelling evidence supporting the idea that a diet based on whole, plant-based foods is the healthiest choice.

In their latest work, Whole, they delve into the scientific basis behind this evidence, expose the limitations of our current scientific paradigm, and explore why, despite overwhelming evidence that our existing understanding of nutrition is flawed, our dietary habits remain unchanged.

Whole takes readers on an eye-opening and transformative journey through the forefront of nutritional thinking. It is a scientific tour de force with profound implications for our health and the world we inhabit.

Whole Food Living reviews and selects material from a wide variety of international sources. Our primary focus covers food, health and environment. We publish fact checked official announcements made as the result of formal studies conducted by Universities, respected health care organisations, journals, and scientists around the globe.

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