Right across New Zealand and, as the hours progress, millions around the world are on the march over climate change.

The mood in downtown Auckland today was upbeat but pointed. Groups included mostly school children, some in uniform but also included various organisations like health advocates OraTaiao, New Zealand’s climate and health council.

Speakers at the rally in Aotea Square urged attendees to be strong and stand up for a better world.

“And don’t listen to the politicians,” one said, “just watch what they do.”

It was a gathering attended by thousands and they loved what they heard.
Ear-splitting cheers rang out as callers urged politicians to save the Pacific.

“Save the Pacific and we save the world,” they said.

As the home of a large Pacific Island population, there was a distinctly Polynesian flavour to the Auckland protest.

“Save the Pacific and we save the world,” the cries rang out.

While the mood overall was positive and friendly there was no doubt that those attending had run out of patience and their placards proved it.

Media personalities like Mike Hosking took a hit on several banners and overall, those that left school to march were there to show they meant business.

Ignoring pleas from politicians like Winston Peters to ‘be good little kids’ and stay in school one banner seemed to answer it all.

“I’m skipping school to teach adults a lesson,” it read.

It’s been a while since such a large, enthusiastic and focused crowd made its way down the city’s main street but, unless Kiwi’s start seeing political platitudes turn into action, it may not be the last.

Note: More images of this event will be published in our first magazine

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