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The Anxious Generation, Jonathan Haidt

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From New York Times bestselling coauthor of The Coddling of the American Mind, comes a critical examination of the youth mental health crisis and a plan for a healthier, freer childhood.

Praised as “erudite, engaging, combative, crusading” by the New York Times Book Review, and “lucid, memorable, and galvanizing” by the Wall Street Journal, this important new book by social psychologist Jonathan Haidt investigates the alarming rise in depression, anxiety, self-harm, and suicide among adolescents.

Haidt lays out the facts about the epidemic of teen mental illness that has swept across many countries in recent years. He then delves into the nature of childhood, explaining why play and independent exploration are essential for children to mature into competent, thriving adults. Tracing the decline of the “play-based childhood” since the 1980s, Haidt shows how the arrival of the “phone-based childhood” in the early 2010s has profoundly interfered with children’s social and neurological development.

Covering a wide range of factors, from sleep deprivation to social comparison and perfectionism, Haidt presents a comprehensive analysis of how this “great rewiring of childhood” has damaged the wellbeing of young people, especially girls. He also explains why boys have been withdrawing from the real world into the virtual world, with dire consequences.

Most crucially, Haidt provides a clear call to action, diagnosing the “collective action problems” that trap us and proposing concrete steps that parents, educators, tech companies, and governments can take to end the mental health crisis and restore a more nurturing childhood.

As a leading voice speaking truth backed by data in complex and divisive landscapes, Haidt’s findings on protecting our children from the psychological harm of a phone-based life demand our urgent attention.

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