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Foods That Cause You To Lose Weight

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Forget calorie counting – discover the foods that melt the weight away and keep it off with this revolutionary plan. Did you know that certain foods have an incredible fat-burning effect?

This groundbreaking approach, developed by Dr Neal Barnard and proven effective by thousands, can finally deliver the lasting weight control that eludes most diets.

Unlock the power of “negative calorie” foods and:

  • Boost your metabolism to burn more calories
  • Lower harmful cholesterol levels
  • Enjoy better health and protect your heart
  • Indulge in the foods you love, in the amounts you want
  • Watch the pounds disappear without restrictive dieting or binge temptation

Dr. Barnard provides delicious “negative calorie” recipes using everyday ingredients. Simple, effective, and satisfying, this plan can achieve the lasting weight control that has long eluded traditional diets.

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