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We welcome your contributions!

Over time we hope to build a collective of like-minded writers that are keen to share their own wholefood journey and help others on the same path.  

We have access to a small but dedicated editorial team to help you polish your piece if needed and will also help you with much more technical stuff if required. Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

We do have a few rules however and it’s important that you keep these in mind when submitting material to us.

Whole Food Living believes in firmly facing up to all areas of the wholefood debate which means we will take a strong stance when needed but we don’t believe in shouting down others simply because they disagree with us.

Be fair, be firm, be accurate and quote your sources. That’s our motto.

The guidelines

Wellness is what we’re about. We therefore seek original contributions covering:

  1. Mindset. This area is about developing your wholefood thinking. It deals with the struggle many go through in changing their approach to food and the journey towards a healthy, happy lifestyle.
  2. Environment. Our traditional way of eating has created serious conflict with the environment and, currently, it’s not getting better on a very wide scale. In New Zealand we might like to blame it on the cows, but the fact is, we humans have a lot to answer for. The topic is wide open here.
  3. Recipes. Ah food! Yes, we love it. And may we all eat more of it! We’d love to publish your recipes.
  4. Discover. This is all about getting out in the world we live in. At times we will feature promoted travel events, but this area is more about getting out with family and doing things. Show us your favourite bike ride, beach or walking track and tell us what its like to go there.
  5. Fitness. This is a key ingredient of the overall good health mix. It might be just a walk in the park or perhaps you enjoy Yoga or a martial art. Tell us your story

Regular Bloggers

If you are already publishing a regular blog, then we are certainly keen to hear from you. But, as you will probably already know, this doesn’t work if you simply copy and paste something you’ve already written – Google’s just too smart for that these days.

You need to rethink, rehash and turn in an original piece. When you contribute on this basis your primary purpose will be to present good content to establish quality back-links. It’s the sort of thing that sets Google’s creepy crawlies alive and loving you back in a deeply organic way.

Contact Us because we may also be interested in a similar exchange. Make sure you include all your relevant Social Media links as well.

For more information on establishing good quality back-links check out what Aleena Mikle has to say on this subject on Quora.com


But wait, there’s more

  • It always pays to write about what you know. Keep to your field of focus, whether you are writing as a Medical Doctor, fitness expert, as a yogi or wellness instructor.
  • Keep it tight and make it interesting. You need a strong introduction and clear language.
  • Opinion pieces are welcome but make it clear that it is your opinion and not the view held by ‘all sensible people’ somewhere, out there.
  • Include pictures if possible and be sure you have permission to publish them. If you don’t have pictures, don’t panic, we may be able to help.


If you are ready to submit an article to us
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If you have any questions you can talk to Peter directly
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And last … but not least
When emailing to us put the title of your piece in the subject line and the full text in the body of the email.

Also be sure to include a short bio on yourself (150 words or less) with links to your website, and Social Media eg, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram Twitter & LinkedIn. And don’t forget your photograph!

We read every submission but it could be a few days before we get back to you. Be patient. We will always respond.

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