OK people, we have all been fooled for too long, stop your protein obsession.  

Every time someone hears that I have changed to a whole food plant based lifestyle their immediate question is, where do you get your protein?  

From the plants I eat, people!  

It is extremely difficult for a healthy person to not eat enough protein.

The amount of protein we need to stay healthy is way below what we are now consuming, but people seem convinced that more and more of it is critical to a healthy lifestyle.

Protein is in not just in meat, changing to a WFPB lifestyle is not going to starve you of critical proteins.

The obesity rate in New Zealand is obscene as are the leading causes of death rate. The figures are this way because we will not look at what we put into our mouths.

Worse still, we are being given twisted information that makes us so confused. As a result we are left with the perception we are eating healthy when, in fact, most of us eat completely differently from the guidelines given by WHO (World health organisation) and New Zealand’s own dietary guidelines.

When you eat meat for protein then you are also eating the saturated fats and cholesterol that comes with it.

Studies have shown that a typical western diet consumes 75 – 160 grams of protein per day when we only need 20-30 grams, all the excess protein is stored as fat until your body can get rid of it.

So, if you do the same again tomorrow you are just adding more stress onto your already over proteined body.

Too much protein is also found to exacerbate damage to kidneys before poor kidney function is detected.

Protein is not just in meat, changing to a WFPB lifestyle is not going to starve you of critical proteins.

Everywhere we look businesses are enticing you to grab a protein shake, add protein to your meal by eating a lump of steak.

Today I saw an advert on GrabOne for a Vegan meal, it is wonderful to see vegan options available on GrabOne now.

Something I also noticed though is that they promote protein as its own option as mock meats, tofu and wheat meats.

We are so confused as a society that we now believe we need to give only a selection of our foods a protein tick when really protein exists in abundance and it’s all around us – nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, chickpeas, rice, quinoa and the list goes on – enjoy!

Dr John McDougall

Hey, don’t just take my word on subject. You really need to know about Dr John McDougall. As a fully committed WFPB physician Dr McDougall has been working in this area for many years. Click on his picture to see what he has to say about protein.