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Whole Food Living’s Winter 2023 edition is a ‘big read’ issue containing some key in-depth articles that focus on what it takes to live whole food plant-based for health, but it also challenges the notion that good health is a matter of the right food and exercise alone.

A ground-breaking piece from Australia’s Dr Darren Morton explores the idea that health care has become locked in a paradigm that no longer applies. He says modern medicine “earned its stripes” in a world that’s changed dramatically from the days of dreaded disease but has failed to change its approach to the new Western way of life.

Contributing writer Janice Carter backs up his concerns in her coverage of the work being done by ELIA Wellness and explains how the type of service now being developed in Sydney and its associated app should be a model for future action on both sides of the Tasman.

How to buy this magazine

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This issue is important for another significant milestone – we’re now out in more shops than ever! In fact, from this issue, the magazine goes on sale in a further 47 outlets around New Zealand.

This has been made possible by contacts and arrangements established through our main distributor, Are Media and the Whole Food Bin Inn group. Whole Food Living will go on sale in all 39 Bin Inn outlets around New Zealand, plus another eight bookstores and supermarkets.

WFL owners Peter and Catherine Barclay gratefully acknowledge the efforts of both these major operators in this expansion.

“Bin Inn is such a great fit with our magazine,” says Peter Barclay, adding that the group’s commitment to making whole food readily available to all New Zealanders has been an enviable and unwavering effort over the past 35 years.

“Cath and I have no doubt our own health would be a lot better now if we’d started shopping at places like Bin Inn when we first got married,” Peter says. And, on a slightly different but still Bin Inn-connected note, he says the new arrangement coincides with contact with a young food enthusiast from Canterbury whose recipe is published on page 56 of this issue.

“I was staggered. According to one of her social media posts, Jessica Lamb cycles 10km to her nearest Bin Inn store to collect her peanut butter. Wow! I still struggle to get on the exercise bike in the spare bedroom.”

And speaking of recipes, this issue contains lots of them.

Whole Food Living welcomes contributions from international personal chef Polly Baptist. Polly is Australian based but when she’s not at ‘home’ you might find her at an exotic location in the galley of a super yacht.

Peter personally recommends Janice Carter’s Tofu Mac & Cheese (p17) probably because it is so close to something he’s quite familiar with and shouldn’t have been eating anyway, but he’d also like to put in a plug for wife Catherine’s, No Egg Hollandaise sauce, probably because it’s “wise” to do so.

“Honestly, I try not to be biased when it comes to the food, but you can probably understand why that becomes awkward at times.”

Great food is something we can all be inspired by. Previously, when our taste buds were driven by sugar, oil and salt, it can seem odd why, after a time, that whole food plant-based eating should still taste so good (in fact, even better) without those traditional accompaniments.

In any case, and whatever your sense of taste, we hope you find something to chew on in our latest issue.

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