Challenging year wraps up

Whole Food Living magazine’s summer 2021 issue is now on sale. This issue takes an in-depth look at a range of topics essential to our overall good health and wraps up another challenging year with some sound advice on dealing with Covid-19.

In this issue, nutrition specialist Dr Jia Xu clearly explains why diet should be your absolute first defence against Covid-19. His views reflect the opinions of several plant-based doctors who warn that our co-morbidity factors seriously impact our ability to deal with the virus.

Also, in this issue, Adelaide resident, Rebecca Stonor, outlines her battle with MS and explains why fear is such an exceptionally good motivator for change. Rebecca has turned her life around since discovering the health benefits of whole food plant-based nutrition. She says she didn’t miss any particular foods when she changed, but it took her time to adjust to cooking differently.

How to buy this magazine

Whole Food Living magazine is on sale in over 100 outlets throughout New Zealand and is also available by subscription in both Australia and New Zealand. To find out where to pick up a copy check out our Stockist list or you can order one of our print or electronic editions from our Subscriber Page.

Of course, it’s the food that we’re all about. Rebecca presents two of her own recipes in this issue, and there’s a host of other great dishes too.

With summer now on our door, Innes Hope turns her attention to some quick food fixes for lazy summer days, and you’ll also love Janice Carter’s herb and vegetable mini quiches.

One of our main feature articles in this issue covers the problem of hot flashes in menopausal women. Dr Hana Kahleoveva takes us through some recent research that proves that food can be used to fight hot flashes. She explains how the isoflavones in soybeans have a beneficial effect in reducing hot flashes, and, more importantly, she tells you how much of them you need to eat.

Janice Carter presents an informed piece on the importance of gut health. She explains why the most obvious first step in maintaining a healthy gut is to avoid all the things that destroy our gut flora – all 100 trillion of them – and intestinal barrier.

Overall, Whole Food Living focuses on food, health, and the environment. Throughout 2022 rising environmental concerns have been covered in all three issues, and in this final edition for 2021, we report on the Lancet’s Code Red notice on health and the environment.

And finally, Climate Action in the Kitchen. Innes Hope wraps up her two-part article Voices in the Pantry – a lighter but nicely pithy consideration on how we can all face up to our changing future one meal at a time.

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