Although an important first step, changing over to a whole food diet is not the whole story. It’s about living too.

In communities throughout the world, food is a traditional part of local culture. Whether we like to admit it or not,  many of us have grown up with a particular view of what good eating is and until something drastic happens we never have a need to question it.

The food we eat can often be a source of conflict at the dinner table amongst both family and friends.

This web site is about helping you through the transition, to honestly answer any questions you may have and encourage you along the path to an enjoyable, healthy, whole food lifestyle.

Proudly Australasian based

Wholefoodliving is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and is owned and operated by Peter and Catherine Barclay of Iclay Media.

While we are proud to based downunder we are not so proud of the facts that drove us to create this site. New Zealand sits second only to Australia in the number of cancer diagnoses across 118 countries reviewed by the World Health Organisation.

The sicknesses connected to diet related illness is staggering. Australia and New Zealand are two of the most advanced food producers in the world but the price we pay in heart disease, type two diabetes, obesity and depression is unacceptable. Our food habits need to change.