Facing up to cancer

In this issue, we front up to one of the most difficult medical diagnoses any of us can ever face, cancer, and explain how whole food eating can help you recover from it and help stop you from ever getting it.

Of course, not all cancers are preventable with whole food eating, but, as Californian-based surgeon Dr Kristi Funk explains, a staggering number of them result from the lifestyle we lead.

She explains some of the critical pathways that lead to cancer and presents her top five foods for dealing with this nasty diagnosis.

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Auckland resident Tony B isn’t whole food plant-based, but we felt his story was equally relevant when it comes to discussing this subject because he simply describes the absolute horror he experienced when diagnosed with prostate cancer.

For him, the possibility of prostate cancer was never a family discussion, but, he says, there was plenty of talk about heart disease and other illnesses. Through it all, he never had a PSA test until it was too late. His prostate had to be removed.

Western style diets show strong links with prostate cancer as Evidence Based Eatings’, Dr Mandy Bergstrom explains, and Dr Michael Gregor reveals how a WFPB diet may reverse early-stage prostate cancer.

And, as Dr Michael Klaper would say ‘it’s all about the food!’ and in this issue, we’ve got plenty of it.

We’re pleased to publish some pre-release recipes from Ann and Jane Esselstyn, who have just published their book Be a Plant-Based Woman Warrior. Food, food and more food. Whole Food Living is full of it!

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