It is fantastic to see the growing number of events popping up around the country that promote plant-based eating. One of the biggest is happening in Whangarei this Sunday.

If you seriously want to avoid becoming a victim to heart disease, stroke, type two diabetes and more then join us to find out how at the Vegan Expo, Forum North in Whangarei on November 25th.

This will be the third year of the expo which takes its inspiration from a similar Christchurch event held successively over the last 10 years.

The high number of top level speakers coming to the Whangarei event  is testament to the seriousness of the expo’s organisers, the Christchurch Vegan Society, in getting the message out to a wide range of New Zealanders..

The Expo opens at 10 am with the first address to be delivered at 10.30. Various speakers will deliver a wide range of topics throughout the day with the final address at 3:30. The event closes at 4pm.

Come and join us. The value you will receive far exceeds the $5 ticket cost and you’re bound to make a lot of new friends too.

Some of the keynote speakers are:

Raniera Rewiri: aka The Vegan Maori from Whakatane who will speak about the growing awareness that the Vegan (whole food plant based diet) has on reversing chronic diseases.

Dr Luke Wilson: one of our growing group of plant based physicians, based in Wellington and the co-founder of Two Zesty Bananas, he is an strong believer that what you eat has a significant impact on your health, both physically and mentally.

Dr Michael Klaper (via Skype) , an American Physician with 40 years experience, who used to practise in New Zealand, is one of the world leaders in health education around diet.

Dr David Hammer a Microbiologist who will also will explain the benefits of a plant based diet on your gut and all the new science around this.

If this doesn’t keep you busy then there are plenty of food and cooking demonstrations that are bound to distract.

Got a question?

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