Something for breakfast

They say necessity is often the mother of invention and that’s certainly proven true for Auckland based producer Mrs Rogers Herbs & Spices.

Like many other businesses around New Zealand, Australia and across the world, the impact of COVID-19 has caused substantial disarray to their means of production, distribution and even outright survival.

For Mrs Rogers, one problem affected their regular packaging, but they quickly found an innovative way around it.

We at Whole Food Living became aware of it when we opened a packet of their ground turmeric. Inside we found the usual interior snap-lock bag had been replaced with a small wooden clip and a friendly note.

The note apologised for the change in packaging materials and explained that it was all because of COVID-19 which, the company says, “has meant we have had to chop and change packaging a little bit between zip-lock bags, and the normal bags with different printing.”

Now, perhaps the use of the word ‘normal’ here might be a little out of place but, in these crazy times, it’s reassuring to know that company’s like Mrs Rogers can actually spot the difference.

And, as their note further explains, and we’re delighted to know, all “this will go back to normal as soon as possible.”

As a means of additional assistance, they included a cute wooden clip inside the packet which, we’re thinking, could become something of a collector’s item – fully deserving a place in any museum as genuine Covid memorabilia.

Finally, all we can say is Good ON YOU, Mrs Rogers! Thank you for explaining that what we found in your ground turmeric was not normal, but in spice of this, we can all expect to go back there in the not too distant future.

With that in mind, we hereby dedicate our simple, but effective, turmeric toast combo to you and every one of your amazing products!

About our combo

As far as food is concerned, we regard turmeric as an almost essential element. Obviously it’s difficult to use everywhere but the more places you find to add this amazing anti-inflammatory spice to your cooking the better.

The simple suggestion below was invented following a suggestion from Dr Mark Craig. He says, if you’ve got osteoarthritis, you should be eating turmeric every day. Apart from adding it to smoothies and other creations, you can also add it to toast – with pepper.

Pepper enhances the impact of turmeric to a considerable degree. If you want to know more about that magic combo, then check out our turmeric feature in our last magazine. Now available in print and online.

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