In 1991 the US based Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine released its New Four Food Groups chart.

It still stands as a milestone in the WFPB food debate because it drew a significant line in the sand between those genuinely looking for sound nutritional guidance and all the special interest groups like beef and lamb, the pork and poultry industries and the fishing industry too.

Suddenly a group of physicians had come out with a whole new healthy way to eat and the really big players had been left out altogether.

The old food pyramid, originally promoted by the US Department of Agriculture since the 1950s was suddenly challenged by a group of people deeply involved in what the outcome of these recommendations could actually mean.

By this time a powerful body of evidence had been gathered which showed that, when it came to managing their health, virtually everybody was on the wrong path.

Today, and 27 years after their original chart was released, the Physicians Committee now has more than 12,000 members and is just as adamant about the importance of a plant based diet.

To be fair the USDA did come out with a revised food chart in April 2005 but could not accept that dairy, fish, meat and oils should be left out.

The PCRM notes that “the plant kingdom provides excellent sources of the nutrients once only associated with meat and dairy products – namely, protein and calcium.

It also adds that the regular consumption of animal products and vegetable fats, “even in lower quantities, poses serious health risks.”

“The major killers of Americans (and Kiwi’s) – heart disease, cancer and stroke – have a dramatically lower incidence among people consuming primarily plant based diets.

“Weight problems – a contributor to a host of health problems – can also be brought under control by following the New Four Food Group recommendations,” the PCRM states.

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