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Whole Food Living focuses strongly on health and nutrition. The magazine contains lots of great recipes and concentrates on showing you HOW to become whole food plant-based and build a healthier, happier way of living.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly improvements occur. By becoming plant-based, most people see changes within three weeks. Weight will reduce, and blood pressure and cholesterol levels will improve. Over the longer term, significant health improvements, even in older age groups, can be made by people who commit themselves to this way of eating.

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Whole Food Living Magazine is a quarterly publication. Your Subscription buys you the right to receive four print issues per year. Please note that, depending on what time you sign up as a subscriber, it could be several weeks before you receive your first copy of the magazine.

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If you place an order immediately after an issue is released you will most likely receive your first copy within the following two weeks. Covid-19 regulations in both Australia and New Zealand have impacted delivery times. Sometimes, depending on the lockdown level, delivery can take up to three weeks. 

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The magazine is published four times a year. Currently, and this could be changed if lockdown rules change, our next issues this year will be published in June, September December and March 2023.

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The magazine is now available in over 100 selected retail shops (see our Stockists) within New Zealand. The range of outlets will be expanded over time.

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Plant-based eating

In earlier days, many of us were told that eating vegetables was good for us but nobody could really explain why and in some cases, the vegetables we were served were just an overboiled mess.

Well, the science of plant-based eating (and cooking) has come a long way and there has been some good research along the way.

Whole Food Living focuses on the evidence behind plant-based eating and provides practical help on how to prepare dishes in a way that will impress your friends but more importantly, will improve your health.

Science now knows that by changing our eating habits we can boost our immunity, reduce weight and increase our quality of life. The benefits of healthy plant-based eating can be experienced at all age levels. The outcome can positively impact serious health issues such as heart disease, Alzheimers, COPD, some cancers, bowel conditions, diabetes, blood pressure, several autoimmune conditions, gout and more.