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We’re all out in print – twice!

Our second quarterly print issue is now out and once again we’re inviting you to join us by becoming a Founding Subscriber to Whole Food Living magazine.

As a print media publication Whole Food Living focuses strongly on health and nutrition. It contains lots of great recipes and concentrate on showing people HOW to become  whole food plant-based to build a healthier, happier way of living.

The print edition contains information that doesn’t appear online because some of the material we write about  is quite personal. Sharing it is something we consider a priviledge.

The sole purpose for publishing some of our personal recovery stories is to help others identify, look seriously at their own health and discover how to improve it.

It’s about the Y

Whole Food Living recognises that people won’t reconsider the way they eat without a reason to do so. For some, health will be the only reason. For others, the reasons can be as varied as their are people on the planet.

The magazine’s content is designed to help people identify why they need to change and offer simple, step by step guidance on how to do it.

Help us make it happen

You can help us make this happen by becoming a Founding Subscriber to Whole Food Living magazine. As a Founding Subscriber you will enjoy certain priviledges which will be developed over time as our overall level of support increases.

Founding subscriber benefits

By becoming a Founding Subscriber you earn the right to make a direct contribution. We will value your views and seek your thoughts regularly. You will receive special access to all WFL organised events and get to see further information and background on the stories we publish.

Need to know more?

What does my money buy?

Whole Food Living magazine will be a quarterly publication. Your Founding Subscription will purchase you the right to receive four issues per year. The publication will be available in print and electronic formats. Please note that, depending on what time you sign up as a subscriber, it could be several weeks before you receive your first copy of the magazine.

When will my first magazine arrive?
Currently we are set to print and deliver by mid October.  If for any reason this deadline is delayed we will notify you. Should we decide to place a Temporary Hold on print production we will consult with you and offer the opportunity for a full refund or to take a Raincheck until the next production date is named,
When do you publish?

The magazine is published four times a year. Currently, and this could be changed if lockdown rules change, our next issues this year will be published in June, September and December.

Where is the magazine shipped to?
At this point we are shipping the printed to New Zealand and Australian subscribers only. The electronic version is available internationally of course.
What will the magazine cost?

The retail price of the publication is set at $8.50 NZD. There is a small discount of .50c per issue for Founding Subscribers.

Can I buy the magazine in shops?

We plan to have the magazine available in selected retail outlets only. The range of outlets will be expanded over time but to begin with, we are focused on developing our subscription base.

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But why print?

Print has a power all to itself. Not everyone likes to sit looking at an electronic screen. Some people won’t and just become frustrated by what they find on the net.

And then there are moments when you just need a moment to stop and absorb things, especially when the message is personal and could seriously impact the future health of your family.