Crossword Solutions

Across: 3 Catnap, 6 Recycle, 8 Opt, 10 Sweetners, 15 Wholistic, 16 Mozzarella, 17 Alps, 19 Galore, 21 Time, 22 Camouflage, 23 Mouli, 24 Tofu, 25 Growyours, 28 Facing, 29 Holladaise, 31 Birch, 33 Bliss, 35 Precede, 36 Bet.

Down: 1 Renews, 2 Leo, 3 Chemo, 4 Nun, 5 Perfection, 7 Cauliflower, 9 Potage, 11 Toze, 12 Scale, 13 Names, 14 Elia, 16 Morton, 18 Outrun, 20 Quiche, 23 Muffins, 26 Other, 27 Ralph, 30 Ambient, 32 Curd, 34 Ice.

NOTE: Unfortunately, the Gremlins got in when this crossword was compiled. There are two spelling errors in the clues listed above.

10 Across: should have been sweeteners, not sweetners and
29 Accrss: should have been Hollandaise, not Holladaise

By entering the incorrect spellings, you will be able to complete the crossword.

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