Crossword Solutions

Across: 1 Caught, 4 Bok, 6 Polo, 8 Humming, 10 Newman, 12 Mousse, 14 Thai, 15 Achilles, 18 Reruns, 19 Ass, 20 Emissions, 21 Urge, 23 Hitler, 24 Forage, 26 Morama, 28 Erato, 29 Obsession, 31 Milked, 32 Anatomy, 33 Fusion, 34 Kale.

 Down: 1 Commission, 2 Uric, 3 Hug, 4 Bonfire, 5 Kew, 6 Pleasure, 7 Cassava, 9 Nutritarian, 11 Other, 12 Marsh, 13 Waste, 16 Lilo, 17 Diva, 22 Gravity, 24 Fork, 25 Rind, 27 Miso, 30 Nitrogen, 32 Amuck.​

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21 / 22
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