No need for white flour

Avid home bakers stuck in lockdown should not be deterred by recent reports that flour is in short supply at local supermarkets.

“Who needs highly refined white flour when, mostly, you can easily access a packet of rolled oats and create your own flour,” says Whole Food Living food editor, Catherine Barclay.

She says if the current lockdown has shown anything to any of us “then surely it shows up our need to be more resourceful.”

Her real concern is with health – “and that definitely connects with the food we eat,” she says.

“Unfortunately, most of what we are seeing on television isn’t healthy. I fully support parents doing great things with their kids during lockdown but, to me, teaching them about whole food and how we all need to change our way of eating in future is essential.”

To show how easy it is to cook without traditional white flour, she has created three recipes and published them here.

“Unfortunately, space prevented us from including these recipes in our latest Autumn magazine, which has just come out. I was going to hold them off for our winter issue, but then there was so much happening about COVID-19 and the lack of white flour that I thought it was a good idea to release them now.”

She says there is a considerable difference in the health value of rolled oats in baking compared to plain white flour.

“It’s much better for our health. The sad thing about much of our modern cooking is that it contains virtually no fibre whatsoever.

“Fibre is essential for our gut health and, as science tells us, our gut is ground zero for our immune system. It needs to be well maintained throughout our lives and especially in the face of viruses like COVID-19.”

You can view Catherine’s recipes at the links below.

Banana Oat Pancakes

Cinnamon Apple Oat Muffins

Apple and Cranberry Crumble

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​”It should be understood of course that turning yourself over to a whole food plant-based diet is no instant fix or guarantee that you will be safe from the current pandemic.

“I think what children need to know most is that a plant-based diet that includes a wide range of all the essential whole foods is something that stands them a much better chance of keeping themselves safe into the future.”

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