The inset image above was taken by Dr Mark Craig, one of our New Zealand plant-based doctors – and an avid supporter of Whole Food Living magazine. He took the picture as he worked at an Auckland COVID-19 testing station where he placed magazine copies on the doctors’ make-shift lunchroom table. As you can see their lunchtime diets need a little work.

Our stories make a difference,
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There is something print does that electronic media can’t match – it opens up a conversation.

Never was this more powerfully illustrated to us than when Dr Mark Craig sent the snap above that we’ve inlaid over some pages in our Autumn issue and explained the story behind it.

Of course, as the picture illustrates, not all doctors are plant-based advocates but the magazine became a talking point between him and another doctor who wants to more about food and nutrition.

Dr Craig is one of four doctors in New Zealand and Australia who actively put the magazine into the hands of patients that want to know more about their health. These people are beginning to realise that cause of their ill-health might be linked to the way they eat.

The sad irony here is that, around the world,  COVID-19 might never have taken so many lives if more understood that the strength of our immune system is connected to the food choices we make.

With a magazine, we can put this information directly into the hands of people that need to know.

Already it is making a difference. The first issue was read by a woman who discovered that, by changing her diet, she might increase her ability to cope with COPD. The outcome was remarkable and she explains what happened in our Autumn issue. This is only one of three success stories we present in this issue and, with your help, we will continue to publish more.

We want to put at least one issue of Whole Food Living into the hands of people that need to know how whole food-plant based eating can prevent them suffering a huge range of issues they currently think they’re fated too – and there are doctors who will help.

Given away under these circumstances the magazine opens a door that helps others to improve their lifestyle choices. By supporting us via Press Patron, you help us keep that door open.


But why print?

Print has a power all to itself. Not everyone likes to sit looking at an electronic screen. Some people won’t and just become frustrated by what they find on the net.

And then there are moments when you just need a moment to stop and absorb things, especially when the message is personal and could seriously impact the future health of your family.