More and more are moving away from meat

In a recent radio interview Gisborne plant based eating advocate, Dr Nick Wright, says substantial numbers of New Zealanders are moving away from meat.

Dr Wright says he started delving into the research on plant based eating when he was in medical school.

At the time he discussed the subject with fellow doctors and health professionals and at that time hardly anyone had heard about it.

He says now there is much more knowledge on the topic and in recent years he says several of his collegues have been asking for more information.

According to Dr Wright plant based eating is similar Vegan eating but the emphasis is more on health.

“Not all Vegan diets are healthy and a person doesn’t need to be Vegan to be healthy. There are ways of being healthy without completely eliminating animal products.”

In a series of randomised trials done in Gisborne Dr Wright says they took various members of the community and put them through an intensive lifestyle change programme.

“We taught them how to read labels, cook, prepare foods and also taught them a little bit about diabetes and heart disease and so on.

“We showed that they had large reductions in their body weights. Some people were able to get off insulin. We’ve had people getting off their medication for high blood pressure. We’ve seen the works really.”

When it comes to encouraging people to get onto a plant based diet Dr Wright recognises the change isn’t easy and he tries not to judge who might might be interested in taking it up.

He says he has had farmers and butchers adopt it but someone who might obviously be in need of it won’t.

To hear the full Radio New Zealand interview with Dr Wright Click Here to visit the RNZ site.

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