Collins dictionary says they’re “a meal-sized bowl filled with vegetarian food” and the Urban dictionary classes it as “A bowl which is packed so full that it has a rounded belly appearance on the top much like the belly of buddha”.

That said, Buddha bowls to me a colourful mix of all things veg – and fruit. There should be a mixture of Carbs (brown rice or Quinoa), protein (greens like spinach, Brussel Sprouts, lettuce or snow peas and mushrooms) and healthy fats (avocado, almonds or cashews).

The dressings are just endless, from simple a lemon squeezed over the top to Thai peanut sauce with a little kick.

Other than that, it’s all just yum!

Here’s a basic starter.


1 medium-large carrot, sliced finely
red cabbage, shredded
20 cherry tomatoes, halved or quartered
20 snow peas, chopped or sliced
1 small mango, diced
celery seed
A small bunch of cilantro, chopped
4 tablespoons crushed walnuts
mixed herbs
half a cup of brown rice
lemon, quartered


Cook up the rice and allow to cool.

Place the rice in the base of the bowl, then layer all other ingredients beside each other on top of the rice to create a rainbow of colour.

Top with your favourite dressing and sprinkle with nuts and flaxseed.