Some of the crowd gathered in the community hall at Mapua, last night. Photo: Grant Dixon

It might have stopped short of the full red carpet but Mapua, near Nelson, sure rolled out a warm welcome for the first in a series of two screenings of Grant Dixon’s documentary, The Big Fat Lie, last night.

A panel discussion featuring local doctors and Doctors For Nutrition representative, Dr Luke Wilson of Wellington were joined by The Ministry of Health’s former chief scientist, Professor John Potter.

Local health professional, Hannah O’Malley, organised the event thinking one showing would be sufficient but was quickly surprised when the first night sold out and she was forced to find a second venue. This also sold out and the screeninghad to be relocated.

“The response to the initial event was overwhelming,” she said. “All 150 seats of the Suter Gallery Theatre sold out three weeks ahead.

“Demand was so huge that we organised a second event to be held at the Mapua Community Centre,” she sid.
Local medical doctors Taisia Cech, Wayne Hurlow and Graham Evans joined renown public health researcher, Professor Potter, in a discussion covering key lifestyle health and environmental issues facing thousands of New Zealanders.

The discussion reviewed current traditional thinking around our reliance on some medications and considered the value of adopting a whole food plant-based diet as a way of producing better health outcomes.

The response has also been welcomed by Dixon himself who says he’s not only pleased to show his movie two days in a row but “now I get to stay two nights in one of New Zealand’s most beautiful spots. I’ll take that over Auckland traffic any day.”

On a more serious note however he said there was growing discussion amongst medical doctors and other health professionals about whole food plant-based eating “because the science around it is so strong. I only wish they’d told me before I had my heart attack”.

He sees it as the forerunner of big things to come.

“There’s now a new paradigm that, if implemented, will revolutionise our health system, save the nation billions, give life back to tens of thousands, and turn around our appalling obesity, diabetic, heart disease and cancer rates. Our most debilitating diseases can now not only be arrested, but in most cases reversed and cured.”

Below: Hannah O’Malley with the sign she had erected to promote the movie.

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