An extra special edition

The just-released Autumn 2023 issue of Whole Food Living is extra special for several good reasons. It not only features two whole and very healthy foodies from Ireland but we also have some great offers you won’t want to miss.

Check out the centre spread for all the good goss on Stephen and David Flynn, aka The Happy Pear, for a great offer on their amazing app. These long-term health food ambassadors have developed an excellent method for steering you down the whole food road and supporting you along the way.

On another front, and thanks to a great collaboration with Vitamix and Ceres Organics, we are also working on increasing our social media presence. Check out our Instagram page ( for a chance to go in the draw for a Vitamix blender, Ceres products and a free subscription to Whole Food Living magazine.

How to buy this magazine

Whole Food Living magazine is on sale in over 100 outlets throughout New Zealand and is also available by subscription in both Australia and New Zealand. To find out where to pick up a copy check out our Stockist list or you can order one of our print or electronic editions from our Subscriber Page.

In this issue we also honour the great work being done by The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine through their excellent Food For Life course. As far as we are currently aware, Australia’s Dr Heleen Roex-Haitjema has been the only southern hemisphere graduate of this course but she has now been joined by New Zealander, Katarina Tawiri, who is based near Christchurch.

You can check out Katarina’s journey into the world of whole food eating and find out how she found the course on page 14 of our latest issue.

While whole food eating is not the sole answer to all health ailments we know of today, it does contain some critical answers to problems many of us often face with a wide range of lifestyle illnesses.

Australia’s Dr Ralph Koelmeyer, in dealing with his own diagnosis, discovered this and on page 18 of the latest issue explains his personal return to good health and the wide range of health issues he was relieved of by adopting a whole food plant-based diet.

Whole food plant-based eating, as we explain in Whole Food Living magazine, is not only a personal but a science-based experience. Doctors can use food as medicine to treat many of the health problems we face today but its success relies on an understanding from patients.

This magazine deals with two key questions when it comes to patients; does it work and how do you explain it to them?

A panel discussion chaired by Wellington’s Dr Luke Wilson (see page 10) at a recent Doctors For Nutrition Conference in Melbourne revealed some practical tips doctors can use when approaching patients but a late piece (see page 49) leaves no doubt about the real success of whole food eating.

A research paper produced by Otago Medical School student, Joshua Thomas, looks set to establish a new benchmark in primary healthcare. His paper, Can Whole Food Nutrition Prevent Lifestyle Related Disease? centralises some of the key work that’s been done in this field.

Of course, it’s always the food that counts and this Autumn issue is full of some great whole food plant-based recipes. Join us on a journey to southern India and beyond to a world of better health.

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