So you’re bothered about how much iron you can get from whole food and of course the meat industry folks are always saying we’ve got the answer.

But you might be surprised to know that you can certainly get all the iron you need from a plant based diet.

In fact Wellington’s Capital Coast Health has done some numbers on this and the following table shows their comparisons between meat and plant based food, although we find it a little hard to understand why they classed eggs on the plant food list.

Anyway, if you want to read the original .pdf  just look here. The document itself is handed out to new mothers during pregnancy and can also be sourced off the Capital Coast Health web site.

Meat based diet

1 grilled lean beef fillet steak (173g)
contains 5.8 mg of iron

half cup green mussels, marinated
contains 7.5 mg of iron

2 grilled lean lamb leg steaks (116g)
contains 4.0 mg of iron

1 slice fried lamb liver
contains 4.0 mg of iron

90g can salmon
contains 2.1 mg of iron

1 grilled chicken breast (107g)
contains 2.0 mg of iron

1 grilled lean pork loin chop (74g)
contains 1.2 mg of iron

1 baked terakihi fillet
contains 0.8 mg of iron

Health Warning

If your iron levels are seriously deficient do not decide what your food intake should be solely from the information on this page. You may require medication which only a doctor can prescribe.

Lack of iron may be the cause of low energy levels but there are many other associated factors as well. Be very wary of diagnosing yourself using any of the information provided in this site. Always consult with your doctor if your condition continues.

Plant based diet

100g tofu
contains 5.4 mg of iron

1 cup porridge
contains 1.3 mg of iron

1 wheat biscuit
contains 1.5 mg of iron

half cup cooked red kidney beans
contains 2.0 mg of iron

half cup cooked boiled lentils
contains 1.2 mg of iron

 half cup of fruity muesli
contains 1.9 mg of iron

half cup cooked chickpeas
contains 1.6 mg of iron

1 cup boiled broccoli
contains 0.9 mg of iron

half cup baked beans
contains 1.6 mg of iron

10 dates
contains 1.3 mg of iron

1 cup boiled spinach
contains 2.5 mg of iron

1 boiled egg
contains 0.9 mg of iron

1 slice of multigrain bread
contains 0.7 mg of iron